2016 Goals

In the past I have set up some pretty harsh goals for myself. I have had a little trial an error and this year I am revising the goals that have worked for me in the past. These will all be set up in a checklist format for me to keep track of throughout the year!

  • Read 52 books
  • Complete 10 series
  • Reread 10 books
  • Read 2 = Buy 1
  • Read 5 nonfictions books
  • Read 15 books released in 2016
  • Read 5 books published in 2011 or earlier
  • Read 5 graphic novels
  • Read 5 novellas
  • Get Chris to read 1 book

All of the specific numbers I set are based off numbers that I was already reading in 2015. They are only stretching my boundaries a little so they should be manageable.

Essentially I want to make sure that I’m consistently reading and reading a variety of different things. The last one is a (sort-of) joke because he says he won’t do it, but if it’s on the list, it must be done!




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