#0by16 – How I Did

I started 2015 with around 75 books on my physical TBR. I knew this was too much for me personally do I jumped on the #0by16 bandwagon.

The point of #0by16 was to get your physical TBR down to 0. My goal was really never 0, my goal was to have under 10 unread books.

While I didn’t reach this goal, I made significant progress and plan on continuing through 2016 to shrink my TBR. The number of unread books I am ending the year with is 24. I am starting 2016 with 70% less unread book than I started 2015 with so I think I could easily get to my goal in 2016 even though it’s not going to be a huge focus for me.

I will always own unread books. I like owning unread books, I just didn’t want the amount I had when I decided to start this challenge. Overall if I can maintain a one-shelf TBR pile, I will be happy.

So even though I didn’t reach the number of my goal, I still think this was a successful goal with how much progress I made.

How many unread books are you starting 2016 with?


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