I’m So Busy. How Am I Reading?

This is a real thing I’m asking myself. Since school has started especially I have been beyond busy. Yet I’m still finishing books.

I have school every day, yes every day, because I take a lot of online classes as well as on campus classes. I work 3 days a week. And I’m also in a relationship, which takes time!

Here’s how I’ve been finding time to read. Maybe I’ll throw a couple tips in for you as well!

I bring a book with me everywhere I go. There is more time in your day when you’re just sitting and waiting for something than you would think. I get a lot of reading done just waiting for my classes to start.

Audiobooks! Now I know audiobooks aren’t for everyone. They aren’t really for me either. It’s hard for me to focus on a story with a lot of details if it’s on audiobook. I’ve discovered which genre tend to work for me on audiobook. I primarily listen to memoirs and middle grade. There is also way more time in your day for audiobooks than you would think. I have a 40 minute drive to and from campus when I have class which is a big chunk of time for me to listen. Also anytime you’re walking somewhere just throw your ear buds in. Listen while you get ready in the morning. This can be really helpful if you’re falling behind on your Goodreads goal too.

I make reading part of my schedule and I set apart special time for it. Example:

8am – Wake Up

8:30 – Drive (Audiobooks)

9:30 – Class (Read while waiting)

11 – Drive (Audiobook)

12 – Homework/Online Classes (Don’t read here, probably get your work done)

2 – Read

3:30 – Get ready for work (audiobook)

4 – Work

That’s actually a pretty good representation of how my normal day goes when Chris isn’t coming over. I squeeze in my reading when I can, but I also hold myself accountable for the time slot specifically for reading.

One last thing, read things you are enjoying. Stop reading things that you aren’t enjoying. I will gladly DNF a book if it means I don’t waste an entire week slowly trudging through it. Maybe I’ll pick it up when I have more time, maybe I won’t.

Even during the school year when you have more things going on there is a lot of time you can create for reading. Maybe you won’t be able to keep up your pace from the summer, but you can definitely keep kicking!


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