Are TBR’s Ruining My Reading Experience?

I’ve previously posted that the way I am reading now is a little different than how I’ve been doing it in the past. I am now picking the books I am going to be reading as I go, instead of having a huge TBR set out for myself. Sorry, my September TBR is a little irrelevant at this point! I did read some of the books on it but I’m not strictly following that right now.

I started feeling stressed out about my TBR’s for the month. I felt too much pressure to complete all of the books I set for myself, and even a lot of pressure to just stay within the confines of those books.

No matter what, my goal for this year is to get my unread books on my shelves down to below 10. So does it really matter which ones I am picking to read? No.

The way I am doing it now is that I’m keeping two books “on deck”. I’ll have the book I am reading and then the next two books planned out. I am still someone who likes order and I can’t completely give up the idea of knowing what I am going to be reading next. So once I finish a book and pick up the next, I’ll put a new book “on deck.”

Essentially I’ll have a continuos TBR of 3 books.

Of course I will still make full TBR’s for read-a-thons and such but I think for my everyday reading this new systems is what’s going to work best for me right now.


5 thoughts on “Are TBR’s Ruining My Reading Experience?

  1. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    I can 100% relate to this, I feel that when I have a visible number of books I need to finish, my motivation and energy level just disappears. I like reading just as I go 😀


    • planandread says:

      Right? I’ve been getting through a lot of things this month (6 already) without feeling like I’m crunching to get a certain number done. That’s how I know this is going to work for me better!


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