Watching My Bookshelves Change

This might turn out to be a weird discussion from me.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you have probably heard/seen me talk about this before. I tend to keep my bookshelves organized the same way, alphabetical by author last name. I have been known to change it up and immediately change it back to my go-to ways.

I also keep my unread books on a separate shelf than my read books. This means that when I buy books, they don’t go straight to my main shelf.

One of my favorite things is seeing how my read shelf changes. What I mean by this, is watching it fill up, and seeing how the placement of books changes. For example, right now my copy of Cress by Marissa Meyer is in the middle of my 5th shelf. I love checking back every couple of months to see where it is. It could be at the beginning of the 6th shelf, it could be in the middle of the 6th shelf. It also currently sits next to the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, and Shine by Lauren Myracle.

I purposely take pictures of my shelves and go back and look at them months later to see the differences side by side. It’s a fun way that I like to see my progress.

This is just a little bookish habit of mine that I felt like talking about today, hopefully it made a little bit of sense.

Do you happen to do this too? Are you going to now that I said something about it?


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