#0by16 Update – August

When I posted about a month ago that I was participating in #0by16, I had about 40 books on my shelves. Like I said then, my goal is not actually 0 books. I am shooting for less than 10!

So how much progress have I made? I have bought books, but I’ve really been focusing on getting through some of the books I own. I am currently down to 33 unread books on my shelf.

I am anticipating that this coming month I will not be making as much progress. I am really trying to focus on getting through series, which (un)fortunately means I have to buy a lot of sequels and such. I think that even still, I will be making progress and still on track to reach my goal.

Are you still reaching for goals you made at the beginning of the year? Have you made new goals? Let me know in the comments!


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