Haul: Week of July 20th (Books!)

I didn’t have a haul last week because I only got one book during the week of July 13th. I was saving for my trip to San Francisco, knowing that I was going to be stopping at some local bookshops while I was there.

Before I left I got Wait for You by J. Lynn in the mail. I read this book earlier this month on my Kindle and gave it 3/5 stars. I also posted a blog post here.

Going off on my trip I really was planning on finding more bookshops than I did. I of course couldn’t buy a ton of books to haul back home on the flight with me, but I did pick up these few upcoming books.

The first bookshop I stopped at was City Lights. I didn’t purchase anything at this stop but I spent my fair share of time looking through the shelves and sections of this bookshop. It was in a very unique area of the city and you could tell it was a well-loved little place.

The next bookshop I found was kind of a coincidence. The friend I was traveling with and I were looking in The Ferry Building and ran into Book Passage. I was so excited about this one. We were having a more chill day and actually had time to look in this bookshop for awhile. It wasn’t the biggest place but they really had something for all readers. I was completely surprised by the size of their young adult section because of this size of this shop. I purchased Vicious by V.E. Schwab and sadly put down a few that I would have loved to be able to bring home!

The last shop we stopped at was what I was truly looking forward to the whole trip. Finally, on our last day there, I went to Alexander Book Company. This bookshop was massive! There were three floors filled with books. The two people who were working were extremely friendly and helpful. I left this bookshop and headed straight to the airport with Cress by Marissa Meyer and The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

I would 100% recommend each of these bookshops if you are traveling to San Francisco.

I also got a cute little trinket for my bookshelf at one of the gift shops at Fisherman’s Wharf.

SanFran Haul


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