Weekly Spread: July 20th – July 26th

Weekly Spread July 20th

I couldn’t seem to take a picture that gave this spread justice. It’s one of my favorite so far! I used my June Mystery Box from ScribblePrintsCo on Etsy for the beginning part of the week while I was on vacation, and switched back to the monthly colors once we got home on Thursday night. I am still ready to be done with July’s colors!

I mostly just kept track of the tourist things we did in San Francisco at the beginning of the week. Not too much planning. The colors in that kit were absolutely gorgeous.

Thursday was my favorite day aesthetically. I think the blue’s blended so well changing back into the July colors. Also, that book sticker is probably my favorite sticker I’ve ever used! My weekend got hectic with having a date day on Friday and then I had a bridal shower on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday! Doing all these things while also trying to get settled back in makes my planner look busy!

Next week the August colors are finally going to start peaking through! I am very excited because green is my favorite color and that’s the accent color for August.

Lastly, I purchased a Day Designer at Target this past week that I will be posting a quick overview on later this week! This is going to be the planner I carry in my purse!


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