My First Time (At IKEA)

(This post may be more interesting for people who also have never been to IKEA before. If you have been there before, or go regularly, this post may be laughable because I am so excited.)

This past week I went to IKEA for the first time ever. I don’t have one near where I live, but my boyfriend and I were on a little trip so I figured why not stop by? I’d been looking around for a new bookcase and had looked at the IKEA website a few times and knew they would have things I was interested in.

I had a general knowledge about what the store sold, but I had no clue about how the store worked! This store is not set up like a normal store! Basically, when you walk into the store you can go look through the “showroom”. They have mock set-ups of rooms that you can look at. I was completely blown away. IKEA could basically design a whole room for you if you got the whole set-up.

So my boyfriend and I were walking through this showroom looking in these mock set-ups looking at different kinds of shelving. I didn’t quite know what I wanted when we got there. I was interested in the cube shelves, and looked at some wall mounted shelves, lots of different styles, colors, and shapes. I’m not getting rid of my old shelves though I’m just expanding. I decided that I should go with something with a similar shape to my existing shelves and get something tall and skinnier, what I would consider a “normal” shelf. Ultimately I decided to go with a BILLY bookcase in the black-brown color. They didn’t offer a true black color so I’m hoping this looks okay next to my other black ones. You can find the exact one I got here.

Seeing as you’re looking at these things in a showroom, we couldn’t just pick up the shelf where we found it. We continued on through the showroom looking at all the other cute set-ups, I was truly intrigued. Once we got to the end of the maze of the showroom, we came to a warehouse area where you can then go and find the products you wanted and pick them up (in their boxes). Then the whole checkout process is normal.

Being the clueless 18 year old’s we are, we didn’t really think through how this strangely long box was going to fit into my car. So we get to my car and are trying to get this thing to fit for probably a half hour. We were sitting twisting the box in weird directions, trying to get it to go through my backseat and lay up into my seats. By some miracle we finally got it in there in an awkward position and our trip was done.

I am 100% planning on coming back to this store. They sell everything you would need to furnish a home and its just such a fun experience. I really wish there was one closer to where I lived.

I will post pictures of my new bookcase when we get it all set up. There will be a book organization post in the future as well!

What were your thoughts the first time you went to IKEA?


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