Next Week: July 13th – July 19th

I’ve got stuff to do this coming week!


I am almost done at one of my jobs because it is like 45 minutes from where I live and I don’t want to keep traveling for work once I start school in the fall. So this week I get to apply for a new job! I do work two jobs but I’m only switching one. I’m also way behind on reading so I need to kick it into high gear this week!

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I are taking a little trip for his birthday which was last Friday (July 10th). We are going to a casino and doing a little shopping. Whatever his little heart desires to do I guess!


On Sunday I am leaving for my trip to San Francisco with my mom, so towards the end of the week it will be a lot of preparing for being gone. I am in love with how I started my to-do list on Saturday. I have been trying to find a cute way to use the To Do flags from my ScribblePrintsCo monthly kits and this is it for me!

Mostly I’ve just got a lot of things to do so that I can have a chill week on vacation next week. Hopefully this spread looks beautiful by the end of the week!


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