#0by16 was created by (twitter pages linked) @DylanBooks@MaureenKeavy@WellDoneBooks@LizLovesLit. The point of this is to have 0 books on your to-be-read pile by 2016.

You can accomplish this by obviously reading your books, but you can also accomplish this by getting rid of books that you no longer have interest in. The most difficult part of this for me and a lot of others I have seen participating is not buying more books. Or at least limiting your book buying.

I have been keeping this idea in the back of my mind since I heard about it at the beginning of the year. Now is when I am finally deciding to officially participate and make this a goal of mine.

Although I will be participating, having ZERO books on my TBR has never really been a goal of mine and it’s still not something I desire. My goal is going to be to have under 10 books on my TBR by 2016.

I currently have about 40 books on my shelves on my shelf of unread books. I’ve only read 41 books so far this year. So if I was actually going to complete this I would have to have an almost perfect rest of the year without buying any other books. Like I said though, some of these books I might simply be getting rid of.

A couple of years back when I first started getting into the book community I found it necessary to be constantly buying books, even if I knew very little about them, or didn’t plan on reading them anytime in the near future. I wanted to be able to constantly provide pictures of book hauls, and to just have books to take pictures of. I am realizing more now that this was sort of a waste of money, especially as some of those books are still sitting unread on my shelves or just ended up being given away.

Now is the time for me to either read these books, or give up on them.

I want my TBR pile to consist of things that I am currently interested in and not just books to fill up space on a shelf. To do this, I need to read them while I’m interested. Even now when I purchase books I am going to be reading right away I feel guilty because I am putting off books I already own to purchase new things!

I want my TBR pile to be a constant flowing thing. I want to read every book I purchase within about 2 months. This will leave no book sitting on my shelf unread for too long.

Once I am able to reach this goal, my plan is to maintain it for as long as possible. Hopefully forever.

Are you trying to dwindle your TBR pile in 2015?


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