ScribblePrintsCo July Mystery Box

This is the second mystery box I have bought from Andrea over at ScribblePrintsCo. You can find my thoughts and pictures of the June box here. These boxes sell out extremely quick and I am lucky enough to have grabbed one two months in a row. I will continue trying to get them because I love them so much. I bought this box for $20 + shipping.

In the past few months Andrea has released these boxes as exclusive boxes that are only going to be sold one time, and never again in her shop. The theme of the box is a mystery until you receive it. You are basically pressing your luck hoping you are going to love to contents of your purchase, which I always do and always hear positive feedback from others.

She is changing how these will be sold and distributed. From now on these boxes won’t be “mystery” boxes. She will be releasing what the theme is before you purchase. Also, some of the items are going to get a home in her shop! Only two of the items in each kit will be considered exclusive. She is also going to be selling them periodically throughout the month. They will now be called the “Scribbles Themed Kit” if you are ever looking for them in her shop.

I thought I should tell you guys about these changes so you know what to look out for if you’re trying to purchase one of these sets in the future.

July’s theme turned out to be mermaids, so let’s take a look at what came with the kit!


You get your decorative sheets that go with the theme.

Mermaid flagsMermaid teardrops

You get page flags and teardrops that incorporate the design.

Mermaid boxesMermaid Washi

Full and half boxes in the design along with washi stickers. The washi stickers are the only ones printed on matte sticker paper.

Mermaid checklistsMermaid %22to do

My all-time favorites which are the heart checklists in the colors that go with the theme. She also included this set of smaller checklists that say “to do”, “to clean”, “to go”, “to buy”, “to watch”, and “to call”.

Mermaid Kit

I could not be more pleased by Andrea’s products. If you are interested in trying out some of her stickers her shop is ScribblePrintsCo on Etsy. She will be reopening her shop on July 19th. Even though you can’t buy these products in this color scheme, she does offer these products in her shop in different themes.


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