Haul: Week of June 22nd

I’m back to normal sized hauls! I was gone on vacation but a couple of things arrived for me while I was gone. 

I got these stickers from VictoriaPlans on Etsy. Big Brother is my favorite show and I couldn’t resist these! Now I get to see them on my weekly spreads 3 times a week until September. 

Since I got the Ready to Ship planner I got a coupon code to order a free personalized planner from ErinCondren.com. I picked the the “Gray” geodes cover. It does look very purple in person. Loving how it looks on the rose gold coil. I also got one other cover that I wasn’t so pleased with! 

The reason I don’t like it as much is completely my own fault. The colors I picked just don’t have enough contrast so you can barely read my name. I do love this cover and will most likely order it in a different color scheme sometime soon. 

This coming week I think I only have one thing coming! We’ll see if I’m bad and end up purchasing other items. Until then, enjoy your week!  


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