Starting Unfinished Series

Starting unfinished series is starting to be an issue in my reading habits. When I say “unfinished series” I am talking about series that have started, but not all the books are published yet.

I am someone who will admit that I am usually caught up in the hype of books. I read blogs and I watch BookTube which both keep me pretty informed about new books that are coming out. If I see a few of the reviewer that I trust saying that a book is amazing, I usually want to hop right on that bandwagon and read the book!

There are a few reasons why this is becoming an issue for me. The main reason is because by the time the next book comes out, I usually don’t remember what happened in the last one. No matter how much I enjoyed the book, I can never really seem to remember. There tend to be so many books that I read between reading a book and then reading the sequel that I will most definitely get a few story lines mixed up. My main solution for this would be to reread the previous book/books and then continue with the new one. I can rarely force myself to do this with how many books I have that I want to read. It feels like a waste of time. Which either leaves me reading a sequel and being confused, or never reading the book.

Another issue for me has been losing interest in the series all together. Being as young as I am (18) things in my life are changing pretty quickly. No matter how much I enjoyed a series initially, if I started it when I was 14 and it didn’t end until I was 16 or 17, my tastes completely changed in that time period. I won’t find the same characters relatable.

I also start to feel like I’m on an agenda for purchasing books. There seem to be sequels to series I’ve already started coming out constantly. Living life on a budget I feel obligated to buy these books first, even if I don’t feel like I am going to get to them soon. I am trying to decrease my TBR pile and this isn’t helping me! I need to stop buying books that I know I will be putting off for awhile!

One last petty reason I have for not liking to start unfinished series is because I am someone who prefers to buy books in paperback. I also like my books to match on my shelves. So when I new book in the series is released I am faced with a choice, either have a series that doesn’t match, or wait more extended months to get the book in paperback.

Overall, I think I just need to start having more restraint. I have plenty of series now that I have started and are now complete or series that I am interested in that already are complete. I don’t need to be starting anything new for the time being. I am sure there will be a few books that I feel the need to read immediately which is fine, but I will make an effort to stay away as much as possible. I will of course continue to purchase my favorite authors right away with no regrets.

Does anyone else enjoy their series more if they marathon them? Do you struggle with these same conflicts?


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