Weekly Spread: June 15th – June 21st

June 15-21

This past week was not a very successful planning week for me. I wasn’t getting much of the things done on my checklists and my decoration just seems off. I wasn’t very busy and I feel like I wasted a lot of my free time watching Netflix instead of being productive.


The first part of the week I started out thinking I was going to be doing #RainbowThon, after a couple of unsuccessful days, I gave up on that. This was not a good reading week for me. Although it looks like I was getting a lot of stuff done because my checklists are checked off, they were mostly very minor things I wanted to get done.


Here you can see I really started not completing my checklists and really not even writing things in them.  I was working a lot but I work evening shifts so I was wasting most of my days. This week here is very jumbled with my vacation countdowns because I have 2 coming up pretty soon! One this week and then one in about a month! The full box I used on Thursday doesn’t even match the color scheme so what was I thinking? I think this is what really threw me off for the design of this week.

It is Monday and I am turning a new page in planner. Hopefully I’ll have some slightly better habits this coming week!


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