Mindset on Owning Books

I am talking about this because my mindset has been changing a lot lately.

In the past my book buying habits were just that, I was buying books. I was purchasing them, reading them, and putting them on my shelves to adore them. I was all about the book buying experience. I love going to a book store and picking out books. I love ordering books online and waiting for the package. I love feeling the book in my hand as I read it. And I love having this beautiful library in my room to look at every single day.

So, owning physical books has always been very important to me. A little over a year ago I started an Instagram account that when I first started it I used for just book related pictures (I now use it for planning pictures as well). So giving up book owning would take away from my other hobbies that surround my love of books. It’s not as fun or interesting to take pictures of your Kindle.

Physical books are expensive though. When you shop at a book store you are more often than not paying full price for it. Which for hardcover’s is close to $20 and for paperback’s is close to $10. So if I’m reading 10 books a month that means I am reading $100 – $200 dollars worth of books. I definitely can’t afford that anymore. Kindle books are much cheaper and there are other even cheaper ways to read books if I could give up my habit of purchasing.

In the past I have been able to obtain the amount of books that I read because I would ask for them for presents for everything, from everyone. I would get only books for Christmas and my birthday and I would be able to collect enough books that I was buying only one or two books a month for myself. My pile of TBR books is low now and I am needing to be asking for more practical things in my life right now. I am moving out soon and need to obtain things and money so that I am prepared when it is time for me to move out.

As a recent high school graduate and someone who is going to be heading to college in the fall, this is a crucial time in my life for me to be saving as much money as I possibly can. I try to only spend about $100 a month on book buying and planner supplies combined. This doesn’t provide enough money for me to be purchasing books off the wall.

I knew that getting a Kindle would help me keep my book spending under control so for my last hoorah fun present I asked for a Kindle from my dad for Christmas, and he got me one! When I first got it I thought I was going to use it to read books for a cheaper price and then I could only purchase them if I really enjoyed them. Turns out, I enjoy a lot of books I read and this became more expensive than my previous habits.

I then discovered that I could get library books on my Kindle through Overdrive. I have been doing this for a little while now and there are definitely things I do and do not like about reading books this way.


  • I am reading these books for FREE
  • They are available for me to read both on my Kindle and on my phone
  • If I purchase a book after reading and enjoying I’m not spending extra money


  • I’m not getting full experience of holding a book and feeling how much I have left
  • Books aren’t always available as soon as you request them, I am often waiting weeks to receive the books because there are people in front of me in line for them
  • Not all books are available, especially new releases

I have been utilizing this method though. In the month of June so far, I have read 1 book through my library and 3 books from my shelves. I have only purchased 2 books.

Is changing my habits going to effect my social media accounts? If I give up buying books now will all the books I purchased in the past be a waste? Will I feel satisfied with my reading experience? These are the questions I ask myself when I think about my reading and book buying habits.

For now, I will be continuing to use Overdrive and reading physical books. I am proud of the progress I have been able to make in regards to maintaining my budget and being able to give up owning as many books as I have. Maybe a few months in the future my habits will completely change and I’ll have to update on that. I am happy with the way I am reading and that’s what’s important!

How do you read?


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